It’s released !

Hello Pixar fans,

I am Mark, the mind behind the magazine and one of the writers. Just want to give a brief history of this magazine. Over the years as a Pixar fan, i have always felt it needed something more than blogs. I am in no way saying they are bad but they are 100% news-related. I wanted something for fans to be proud of, something they can read and discuss among themselves. That is where Premier Pixar fits in. The magazine is purely fan related, we take what we read on Pixar news sites and convert them into our opinions and reviews. The magazine also provides a platform of fans to express their love for Pixar, whether that be artwork or Pixar collections.

Screen shot 2011 06 01 at PM 12 52 40

Its been two years since i had the idea for the magazine and i am very happy it is up and running. I am also grateful for all contributors and writers that have helped get this project up and running.

Hopefully we will have enough material for a second issue and will attract more fans to join the staff.

If you are interested you can contact me at: Premierpixar[at]

Download the first issue at here

If you prefer to view it online, i have the magazine hosted here

Hope you enjoy the first issue !

– Mark


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